Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) Battery?

Making an RC Battery Pack - A Basic How-To

If you like RC, you recognize the value of a battery pack. The sort of batteries you end up picking, how properly your pack is assembled And the way competently you charge them are all vital aspects to powering your RC auto. Absolutely sure, You should purchase a battery pack pre-assembled, but It's also possible to Construct your individual and have the fulfillment of designing and powering your very own auto.

The first thing you must do is when you choose To place together a battery pack is what you are powering and exactly how much juice you would like. In addition, you need to think about the subsequent:

one. Consider the chassis of one's car. The sort of vehicle doesn't make any difference as much as the amount of Area in which It's important to maneuver. The batteries might must be oriented in a very flat pack, a clustered pack or as both. It's also wise to think of the distribution of fat with your automobile - whether the battery weight is going to be dispersed within a side to facet or back to front fashion. Sometimes your chassis House for a battery pack isn't adaptable, so concentrate on Individuals constraints before you start.

2. Look at the motor powering your RC motor vehicle. Dependant upon the power specifications, you can figure out the quantity of batteries or cells you may need. This really is also any time you can come to a decision the kind of batteries you can use - if you want to keep your NiMH batteries or improve to LiPo.

3. Determining your voltage is known as a uncomplicated make any difference of addition. An ordinary mobile voltage is one.2v, so wired inside a sequence - twelve batteries will include around 14.4v - which might electrical power an 14.4 volt RC electric motor.

Following, you'll need to assemble your battery pack materials - so This is a sample searching checklist. Recall, we are assuming we are making a battery pack with fourteen.4v, as in the instance earlier mentioned:

o twelve Batteries or Battery Cells

o 12 Battery Bars (you'll be able to buy battery bars in bulk if you intend to build multiple pack and save $)

o Wire: You'll be wanting the next quality 12 gage by using a higher strand depend. This type of wire, with these traits will probably be more versatile which is ideal along with getting extra efficient for electrical power transmission.

o 80-100 Watt Soldering Gun. You'll want a gun as you is often extra actual and faster - this is critical because of the warmth sensitivity of batteries. The speedier and much more certain it is possible to be, the not as likely You will be Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) Battery to break the battery.

o 60/forty Solder. This really is higher top quality - also essential for fast and precise get the job done and avoiding battery problems.

o Flux. That is a chemical cleaning agent that eliminates oxidation from steel to aid soldering. You should use liquid or paste flux when assembling a battery pack.

o Shoo Goo or Goop. This speedy drying adhesive will probably be used to bundle the batteries with each other.

o Battery Pack Assembly Jig - optional. These assembly units align the batteries properly and aid a tidy battery pack. The batteries wind up mainly seeking like twine Wooden - tidily bundled.

o Soldering "Supporting Hands" - optional. These units enable you to keep factors in place Whilst you solder.

o An additional optional timesaver is to acquire a "Encouraging Palms" accessory for the soldering station.

o Multi Meter. You'll need a very good multimeter to check voltage and polarity.

o Wire strippers and Wire Cutters. These resources can help you manage, strip and appropriately cut your twelve gage wire.

o The ultimate part will be the shrink wrap which is able to go round the whole assembly and retain it tidy. You may also have to have a warmth gun to warmth and shrink the wrap.

So, you've identified the best way to orient your batteries and how many you'll need - now you get to work on assembly. For this example, we're assembling 12 battery cells - 6 down a single side and 6 down the opposite.

When you recognize wherever the batteries are going in relation for your chassis And the way they are going to become laid out, you could start off. For this instance, to illustrate we are doing 6 down one facet and 6 down another side.

Just to make certain we're on the exact same web site, the ultimate objective here is to be managing wire in the optimistic terminal within your 1st battery into the favourable terminal on the electric RC motor after which you can jogging a wire from your damaging terminal on the final battery as part of your pack for the good terminal of your respective other battery pack, thereby making a finished circuit.

This signify you need to have adequate wire to reach within the positive terminal of one's first battery to that terminal and Furthermore with the destructive to accomplish the circuit with your other battery pack so bear that in mind.

Orientation. Align your 1st mobile in order that constructive is pointing "upwards" and negative is pointing "downwards" then reverse the next battery so It is opposite on down the line. If you bought the battery assembly jig, this is if you'd utilize it to align your cells and keep them in position.

Adhere. Stick many of the batteries along with your speedy drying adhesive to They may be to be able and aligned adequately.

Flux. Use your flux now on the link factors.

Relationship - Use your battery bars to connect your cells. You'll have to heat up your soldering gun and heat up the battery bar. Using the bar protects the battery and if the flux begins to bubble, you employ your use of solder. The target is to NOT warmth the battery alone. Heating the battery is not only counterproductive, considering that for those who hurt the battery it will never function, but additionally hazardous as the cell may explode if overheated.

You'll want to complete a similar measures to the remaining battery connections. You happen to be connecting the negative to the beneficial repeatedly once again. You will then be All set to connect wiring in your battery pack.

The wires need to be pre-tinned which signify you have to strip off 1 / 4 inch of the protecting plastic wiring sheath, utilize the flux to scrub them - implement the flux liberally - heat your solder gun and after that warmth the wire and stream the solder to the wire until comprehensively saturated. You can expect to also want solder within the batteries so the solder will act as the connector with the battery.

As soon as the two, six mobile battery packs are comprehensive, you will need to employ the shrink wrap to protected them - and you will have your finish battery pack! Now you can power and fly your RC helicopter, plane, boat, automobile or truck without any troubles!